Rokkosan Tourist Pass

Rokkosan Tourist PassEconomical way to visit Rokkosan for Tourists, the Rokkosan Tourist Pass

When visiting Rokkosan, while some people do hike up from the city, the most common way to visit is via the bus and cable car.

For foreign travelers, there is a special “Rokkosan Tourist Pass” that can be purchased with passport proof of entry into Japan on a short-stay visa. Please note, only one can be purchased per individual and there are no refunds available for this pass.

The “Rokkosan Tourist Pass” is a bargain giving 1,770 yen worth of travel for just 1,000 yen. This includes travel on the Kobe City Number 16 bus, the Rokko Cable Car and Rokko Sanjo Bus.

Pass holders also receive many discounts for eating and purchases on Rokkosan and well as for visiting many of the facilities on the mountain.

Please note that this pass is not available for sale at the Rokko Cable Station, so be sure to purchase one before heading to the mountain.

It is available at KIX, Osaka-Umeda, Namba, Kyoto and Sannomiya.

For detailed information on what it covers as well as for maps to places where it can be purchased please see the website here.

Looking for some videos of what one can do on Rokkosan? Check out these great promotion videos below:

Rokko Snow Park

Rokkosan Pasture Promotion Video

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