Rokko Zenzan Jyusou (Rokko Entire Mountain Hike)

Kobe CIty Rokko Zenzan Jyuso Map

Kobe CIty Rokko Zenzan Jyuso Map

Twice a year in the Autumn Kobe City holds a special Hike on Rokko-san called the “Rokko Zenzan Jyusou” (Rokko Entire Mountain Hike).

About the Hike

The course starts from an area called Suma, west of Kobe, and travels the top of the entire Rokko mountain range down to Takarazuka City. It is a beautiful way to really enjoy the sites of Kobe city and the surrounding areas as one enjoys the nature of the mountains.

The entire course is around 56km and goes from almost sea level up to 931.3 meters at the Top of Rokkosan before going back down to Takarazuka. It takes almost a full day to walk with many people starting early in the morning and hiking until late in the day. Each day there are around 300 people that walk the hike. The total time is around 15 hours to walk from one end to the other.

Rokko Zenzan Jyuso Area Map

Throughout the year this trail is very popular with many hikers, with Spring and Autumn be the most popular seasons. Some people walk different sections of the hike, so that after a period of them they can complete the entire course.

Rokko Zenzan Jyuso Sign Post

Kobe City publishes a Rokko Zenzan Jyusou Map (Japanese Only) for 400 yen. It was recently updated in June of 2017. There are sign posts along the path to help one stay on course.


Many parts of the trail are quite challenging, so make sure to wear proper hiking shoes and clothes, take plenty of water and food. Being in the mountains, the weather can change suddenly, so having extra clothes, warm wear, rain gear and a headlight are also suggested. In some areas using hands for climbing makes things safer, so having gloves is also prudent.

It is always best to hike with a partner or party of people and in all cases let friends or family know before you head off, where you are planning to hike and your expected completion time.

Please respect the trail and other hikers, don’t litter or drop cigarette ashes or buds, and please carry any trash home back with you.

(Map provided by Yamakei Online)

The Mt. Rokko Guide House is close to the half way point, and a great place to take a break and rest your feet. We look forward to seeing you and hearing about your adventures on Rokkosan!


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