Mt.Rokko Visitor Center Renewal Open Event!!!

Mt. Rokko Visitor Center Renewal OpenMt.Rokko Visitor Center Renewal Open Event!!!

On May 13th (Sunday), 2018 the renewed Mt.Rokko Visitor Center will open.
There will be many wonderful things to do, so be sure to stop by the Kinenhidai to enjoy them.

There will be food and drink, slackline, miniature golf, hammocks and much more to experience and enjoy!

Renewal Ceremony (Japanese)
10:30-11:00 In the Park (Free)
Commemorative Lecture (Japanese)
Lecturer: Director Nakase (Museum of Nature and Human Activities, Hyogo)
Free but registration required
Summit Hiking
Meet at the Rokko Cable Sanjo Station, after viewing the Renewal Ceremony head towards the Mt. Rokko summit. The return route will either be to Arima Hot Springs or to the Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden.
Please not one cannot participate in both the Commemorative Lecture and the Summit Hiking
■Details can be found on the downloadable brochure (Japanese Only).

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