Top of Rokko Cable to Guide House

While many people enjoy hiking up the various routes to the top of Rokkosan, the Rokko Cable Car is also a very enjoyable 10 min ride up to the top. From there the Mt. Rokko Guide house is pleasant 20 min walk.

From the cable station first head outside and turn right. It is always good to make sure you have some think to drink when hiking, so be sure to pick up something at the Cable station before leaving. While one can generally find a vending machine anywhere in Japan, on the mountain there are not to many. So before to stay hydrated by getting drinks when you can.

From the cable station first head outside.

Turn right.

Start heading up the hill.

And Up.

At the top one will find a nice rock that is also a view point over the Osaka and Kobe area.

The road curves down and to the left. If you are looking to hike down to the bottom of the mountain, the steps here take one down the Aburakobushi route to the bottom. To get to the Guide House just stay on the road as it curves left.

The road will curve a couple of times.

And then come to a crossing. Watch for cars when crossing the road and then start up the path leading to some steps.

The path will zigzag a bit before the steps.

Walk up enjoying the shade of the trees and the fresh clean mountain air.

There is a path that leads to a washed out trail. Continue up the steps.

At the top of the steps turn right and follow the path as it continues up through the woods.

And up some more.

And Up.

And Up.

A bit more.

A little more.

Almost to the top.

Soon you will see the Kobe Golf Course, the oldest golf course in Japan appear on the left hand side. The Club House is on the right. Continue up to the Gold Course Parking Lot and turn left.

This is the top of the trail. The left takes one to the Guide House and the right leads one to Garden Terrace.

Walk down the road through the Golf parking lot.

The road will curve a bit and continue slightly down.

Down some more.

A bit more.

Take a left at the intersection with the house that has the blue roof.

If one goes to the right, the path will take one to the Hall of Halls Music Box Museum. The Guide house is to the left.

The road will take one past the Rokko Base Cafe.

Then veer to the right.

And walk down past the Rokkosan Elementary School.

Watch out for cars as one comes to the bottom of the street.

Turn left here.

Walk to the intersection and the Guide House is diagonally across the street.

Make sure to wait for the light and watch for cars.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Mt. Rokko Guide House!