Hyogo Prefectural
Mt. Rokko Nature Conservation Center & Mt. Rokko Guide House

The Hyogo Prefectural Mt. Rokko Nature Conservation Center in the Setonaikai National Park was established as a place where visitors can learn about the plants and animals of the mountain through photographic displays and specimens.
It also serves as a study and rest area, and as a center to promote nature conservation and contact with nature, offering park information and pamphlets.
The Mt. Rokko Guide House was established in April 2005 as an information center.

From April 2017, Nathan S. Bryan who lives on Mt. Rokko will be helping to provide information in English about Mt. Rokko. Twice a month he will also be at the Guide House. Looking forward to meeting people from around the world!


From Hankyu Rokko Station, take the “Rokko Line” bus to the “Kinenhidai” stop. We are right there.

NOTE: The bus does not run in the winter from December 1st to March 19th.
The Spring Timetable is from March 20th to July 19th and the Autumn Timetable is from September 1st to November 30th.

From Hanshin “Mikage”, JR “Rokkomichi” or Hankyu “Rokko” stations, get the #16 Kobe City Bus bound for “Rokko Cable Shita (Bottom)”. From there take the Rokko Cable up and then the top of the mountain bus to the “Kinenhidai” stop.

Click here for an English PDF Map and Timetable.

Open hours

・The Main Building


Weekdays 9:30-15:00
Sat, Sun, holidays 9:30-16:00

・Guide House

7/20-8/31 9:30-17:00
12/1-3/31 10:00-15:00


Mondays; if Monday is a public holiday, then closed on the following day.
Also closed during the winter period as below.

12/1-3/31 The Main Building
12/27-1/5 Guide House

Admission Fee


Main Building

・Exhibition Room
Features an aerial photograph of the entirety of Mt. Rokko on the floor of the
Exhibition  Room.  Panels and Video introduce outlines of Mt. Rokko.

・Lecture Room
Equipped with a video projector, a microphone  and a loud speaker.  Available for
training session use.  (Reservation required)

・Books Corner

Guide House

・Kobe Free WiFi Access Point
・Books Corner
・Maps and Information in English.

Information in Various Languages

Mt. Rokko

Green mountains make up the Rokko Mountain Range which stretches for about 30 km from east to west. This area is well known in Kansai as an outdoor leisure zone.

Mt. Rokko Nature Conservation Center
Address: 123 Kita-Rokko, Rokkosan-cho, Nada-ku, Kobe, Hyogo, Japan
The Main Building (Only in Japanese)
TEL (FAX) 078-891-0616
Guide House (Only in Japanese)
TEL (FAX) 078-891-0808
Website: http://rokkosan.ec-net.jp/wordpress/