Beautiful Skies and Autumn Colors

Susuki Grass (Miscanthus Sinensis)

Dodan-Tsutsuji (Enkianthus perulatus)

With the morning and evening temperatures in the single digits, 9c this morning, the beautiful autumn colors of the plant leaves really coming out.

Cool winds and patterned clouds of autumn combined with the lovely foliage makes for a perfect season to visit Rokkosan and walk around.

The sounds of the wind as it blows through the Susuki Grass (Miscanthus Sinensis) and the vibrant reds of the Dodan-Tsutsuji (Enkianthus perulatus) really bring a sense the season.

“Rokko Meets Art 2017” is in full swing with fantastic venues all over the mountain. From the 20th of October until November 12th at the Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden, there will be a “The Night Museum: Nighttime Autumn Foliage and Walk” tour (Adults 620 yen, Children 310 yen to enter the garden) so that one can enjoy Rokkosan at Night. Be sure to dress warm and bring an extra layer to wear.

Rokko Base Cafe

Rokko Base Cafe Menu

To relax, rest your feet and have a nice hot beverage, the newly opened Rokko Base Cafe (Open 10am to 6pm, closed Wednesdays) is a wonderful cozy space. Newly installed wood stoves will keep you warm, and they have an array of wonderful foods, cakes and beverages.

So come up and fully enjoy Autumn on Rokkosan!

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